Rep. Lambert is irresponsible in endorsing for school board.

District 71 has 3 counties, 15 cities and a whole lot of people and almost every city in District 71 was having local political races in May.

So why, at the height of our city and school board races, did Stan Lambert as a State official feel the need to endorse a candidate in one school board election in just one city?

These local elections are the last place for non-partisan candidates. So, they give us the rare opportunity to put aside our ideological differences so we can get to know the people locally who will be making the decisions that effect our daily lives. For Stan Lambert to move out of his lane and endorse a candidate in a local election is terrible and irresponsible. It takes the huge problem of partisanship in government and put it in a place it wasn’t before. Our local elections. So now are our school board elections supposed to be partisan?

What did he have to gain? What was the benefit to our state? Why was it necessary for him to endorse Tim De La Vega against Sammy Garcia when he made no other endorsements in any other local races? 

Mr. Lambert only endorsed one non partisan race in the three counties he represents. So I can only conclude that he used his position as Texas Representative to endorse and in essence try to change the outcome in a race outside of his lane because of a petty, personal vendetta against Mr. Garcia.

For him to use his position so irresponsibly is proof that he doesn’t  have the character to represent us in our state house or in any elected office.  As our State Representative he is supposed to work with all our local leaders not interject himself between them for petty, personal reasons.

Maybe I’m wrong but Mr. Garcia winning 61% of the vote said a large majority of the Abilene Community disagrees with Stan Lambert.  Maybe he had a reason to endorse a city candidate out of dozens of races in District 71. Or maybe Stan Lambert takes his irresponsible personal vendettas into his elected office and drags the office through the mud. All I hav are questions but like most things having to do with Standard politicians, they’ll probably go unanswered.

I guess it just goes to show that the elite get to play by a different set of rules while the rest of us can’t do anything about it. So, I want to go to Austin and show the Texas elites and billionaires that they don’t get their own rules to the game anymore! I want to force ineffective people like Stan Lambert to play by the rules everyone else has to abide by.  We all play fair or we don’t play at all.

We deserve better representation. It’s the least we can do.