Where in the world is Standard Lambert?

I have to say, when I saw your Facebook post this morning, I was shocked. You really are some kind of Maire Antionette, aren’t you? I personally know barbers – friends – that are in the position of opening in a pandemic or starving, and it’s because of politicians like you.

The weak, nonexistent government broken by you and your Republican allies over the last two decades is clearly incapable of protecting the lives and livelihoods of barbers, hairstylists, or anyone else outside of the donor class. The corporations you are cheerleading seem to be ok with people dying so they can make a few extra pennies. In for a penny, in for a pound? It must be easier than actually standing up for your community.

My big question is, where the hell have you been, Stan?

I can tell you where I’ve been. I’ve been delivering meals for Meals on Wheels. I’ve been regearing my business to produce free mask holders for healthcare workers. I’ve been doing whatever I can to help get us through this mess. I haven’t been peeking from behind the blinds of my home. 

Have you called out the governor, even once, about his politically-motivated take on public health policy? His big-donor exclusive members-only “strike force”? Do you realize Abilene has the 16th highest growth rate for coronavirus infection in the country? You should.

How have you coordinated for Abilene or any other city in your district? Are you making sure they have the latest information as it comes out? Do you know that the majority of our constituency is over 55? Are you fighting for them and their lives? Perhaps you just throw out feel-good conservative opinions and sentiments because you’re a Republican and this is a conservative area? Let ‘em eat cake, I guess.

No matter how much I might disagree on policy or strategy at least our city leaders and managers have been working their asses off to make sure there is at least a plan. Where the hell have you been? Cheerleading for the governor? Do you realize that you were elected to do more than cheer for the Republicans? There’s real work to be done. You realize that, right?

We need leaders, not Abbott’s holler back girls.

We need a Texas that works for every barber, nurse, police officer, and firefighter. A Texas that works for everyone no matter who they are.

It is exhausting that corporations and politicians are still trying to divide us. The argument that it is either health or the economy is false. Our leaders should not be trying to pit people who are worried about their businesses against people worried about their health. This is not a sick vs healthy or people vs business problem. This is a people vs virus problem and you should be putting people first.

I believe that by uniting the people in a common cause we can create a community where everybody is secure. A community where we value people over profits. No exceptions! We can make a Texas that works for everyone.

Stan, it’s time to put down the pom-poms and do the work you were elected to do.