Truth To Power.

Some things are more important than how rich we are. We should set ourselves to a higher Standard. We are better than the Standard way of doing things.


The Chamber’s excuses for setting up their ‘pay to play’ scheme do not matter. Standard Lambert’s reasons for accepting do not matter. It is wrong. We cannot indulge in the holier than thou notion that our ‘betters’ will save us or that they know more. Believe me, as a poor Democrat, I have a lot of first hand experience with this kind of thinking. Gathering wealth and power takes hard work but we all work hard. The true thing that sets us apart from those wealthy and powerful ‘betters’ is luck. That is all. They do not work any harder than the rest of us and do not deserve our lying down when they attempt to meddle in the affairs of our state. They can own a lot of things but they are not supposed to own government. They are not looking out for our best interest. They are only looking out for their own selfish gains.


I believe that if we truly want a seat at the table we, the people, will have to take it. We must be active participants. We have to force the wealthy and powerful to pay attention to our needs. The system is currently set up to benefit those who can spend a few thousands dollars for a meal and not think twice about it. We have to elect people who will, once again, set up a system that benefits the workers and producers instead of those who are islands unto themselves. A fair and just system that benefits the workers of this great state.


The rich and powerful have dissected and divided our communities along lines that ultimately do not matter. They have pitted us against one another to distract us from what is really wrong. They are carving up the carcass of our great state and country while we are arguing over who is using the best utensil.


We deserve to decide our own destiny. We deserve our own voice.


We must take it.


Sam Hatton