Thank you.

I want to congratulate Standard Lambert on his win.


To everyone who supported me, there is work to do.


Over the last year, there has been a lot of talk about fighting. I have heard “Democrats don’t fight” or “Democrats need to fight harder” but fighting only solves an immediate problem. Fighting is what you do when your only other option is to run. This year we fought a hard, noble fight and we lost. Now it is time to do the really important work. The thing that separates us as Democrats from the other party and involve more people in this process. We will have to work our asses off.


We need to build a bench of local, respected candidates for city council and school board.


We need to work on explaining to our relatives why people of color deserve to be given all the opportunities whites receive.


We need to register even more new voters and keep them engaged in the system.


We need to work on gaining active, engaged volunteers in the off-season.


I am so proud of each of you and everything we have done in the last year. I love all of you. Part of me cannot help but feel I have left you down.


Thank you for knocking doors, for donating, for advocating for me to your friends and family, and having good conversations on the issues you care about. I could not be more proud to be a citizen of this district.


Things will change. Continue to fight the good fight but more importantly, I hope that you work with me toward securing a better future for all of us in West Texas.


Your friend,