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Our Little Insurgents is a grassroots, progressive, non-partisan group aimed at creating power and opportunity for poor, working, and middle-class people.

Nonpartisan AF.

Unapologetically Progressive.

Willing to piss people off.


Single Member Districts

Local Drug Reform

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What is our little insurgency?

In 1918, one of my personal heroes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wishing not to be controlled by the democratic establishment and work for the common cause of working-class people created Franklin's Little Insurgents. They were able to change Democratic norms and elevate the issues of the working-poor in New York and ultimately the entire country.

Similarly, it is my hope to establish a collective of poor, working, and middle-class people, regardless of who you are or where you come from, to discover and elevate common issues outside of mainstream politics and create a new deal for our area.

Why do we need it?

In all my years of local organizing and politics within and outside of the Democratic party, I have been made aware of the reality that change, real change, will have to come from outside of the political establishment.

Nonpartisan people do not trust political parties. They see them as too concerned with ideological problems and not enough with everyday issues. They see them as bickering and unaffected. Direct lines between policy and personal outcomes aren't drawn for average people and all they see is their quality of life diminishing.

Neoliberal policies of the past forty years have left our working-class communities decimated while individual people have gathered the wealth of small nations on the backs of working people. People see nobody willing to stand up to the status quo to say, "This is wrong". They don't see a movement designed to fight for them.

Sam Hatton at Taylor County Democratic Party Meeting

What will it look like?

Our organizing board will consist of shadow chairs for local political parties with a nonvoting role and chairs based on income and identity such as artists, telecom workers, and representatives from local racial communities with full voting roles. The agenda will be set by a separate steering committee made up of local activists and policy professionals.

The goal is to create localized, progressive policies that will be a benefit to the individual groups creating them. 

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