April Campaign Update

Another month has come and gone and we keep moving forward.


April was a growth month for our campaign. We polished our block walking strategies and spent a lot of time working with our state party to develop strategies, messaging, and coordination between the multitude of campaigns that you’ve no doubt been hearing about.


In March and the beginning of April we tried to have several block walks across the Big Country. Bad weather, training, and just being new to this derailed some of these efforts. I’m happy to say that through coordination with our local party we had our first incredibly successful block walk last weekend. It was the first of many. I would personally appreciate it if you would commit to helping us with those efforts going forward.


As some of you may know I also had the opportunity to train with the Texas Democratic Party over the course of two weekends in Austin. I am happy to report a wellspring of resources and information. The Party worked with state legislative candidates on messaging, issues, and fundraising. They are going to allow access, through the county parties, to powerful new technologies over the next few months.


We keep growing and changing as a campaign but our number one problem is still fundraising. We have big and bold plans for our Democratic campaign but the honest truth is we need money. I wish it wasn’t the case but it’s as plain as the nose on my face. We can win without outspending Standard but we do need money to spread our message to people outside the Democratic party who, like us, believe in a fair shake for everyone and a system of justice that works for everyone. Please help us move the Big Country and Texas forward.